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Our Mission

At Rays of Hope Support Initiative, our mission is to provide a platform of wellness and well-being to our community by providing consistent, excellent and accessible health- awareness programs to all in need of care, regardless of their status.

Why Us:

At Rays of Hope Support Initiative (ROHSI), we raise awareness on issues related to hypertension and diabetes, its effects and prevention methods. We help our community members build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease. We provide training and awareness programmes on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We provide means by which medical assistance get to the people of our community suffering from hypertension and diabetes.
This we know will help to reduce the mortality rate and other health complications caused by these silent killers.

Healthy Heart

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Healthy Products

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Our Resources

 We offer social services and programmes, informative documents online, useful links, and other helpful tools to keep you living a healthy lifestyle for a long time. Get in touch to learn more about the resources and services we provide to our community.  

“These silent killers”

In Nigeria, the majority of our adults have hypertension and diabetes with; reports showed that twenty-five per cent (25%) of emergencies at our hospitals today are related to the issues of hypertension and diabetes this is because many don’t get to know about their health conditions until they have a crisis or very sick to the point of death or when they are rush to the hospital for emergencies which sometimes may be too late.
Hundreds of our people die each day from diseases that can be prevented through awareness and early treatment.

.Rays of Hope Support Initiative provides  health-monitoring and medical supply services to communities in Nigeria that otherwise would not have access to these services. Get involved today by donating, netwrok us  or volunteering and help end the needless loss of lives in Nigeria

Together it is possible


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