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Our Mission

At Rays of Hope Support Initiative, our mission is to provide a platform of wellness and well-being to our community by providing consistent, excellent and accessible health- awareness programs to all in need of care, regardless of their status.

Our Objectives

At ROHSI we hope to raise awareness on hypertension and diabetes, its effects and prevention methods. We hope to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease. We will create training and awareness programmes on how to live a healthy lifestyle. We hope to create the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from hypertension and other heart-related diseases and to work for the upliftment of overall human development. By reducing the mortality rate caused by this silent killer through basic health education, we will organize and participate in seminars, conferences, and fairs related to heart-health awareness.

Healthy Heart

Check out these useful ways to keep your heart healthy.

Healthy Products

Here are some products that will help you maintain and monitor your health. 

Our Resources

 We offer social services and programmes, informative documents online, useful links, and other helpful tools to keep you living a healthy lifestyle for a long time. Get in touch to learn more about the resources and services we provide to our community.  

“the silent killer”
In Nigeria, 50% of adults have hypertension. Millions of people die each day from diseases that can be prevented through greater awareness.
Rays of Hope Support Initiative provides health-monitoring and medical supply services to communities in Nigeria that otherwise would not have access to these services. Get involved today by donating or volunteering and help end the needless loss of lives in Nigeria

Healthy Foods

Take a look at our blog about foods that are heart-healthy

Healthy Moves

             Learn about some different exercises to keep your body healthy


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