our mission

healthy hearts + longetivity

our mission

At ROHSI we create awareness for hypertension, we aim to make a strong impact, and save lives.



The ROHSI mission is to provide a platform to wellness, well-being of our community by providing consistent excellent and accessible health awareness programs to all in need of care regardless of their status.


  • To raise awareness on high blood pressure, its effects and management
  • To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease
  • To create training/awareness programmes on how to live a healthy life
  • To create the mean for providing medical assistant to the people suffering from hypertension and other heart related disease.
  • To work for upliftment of overall human development
  • To solicit and coordinate participation of social partners, employers on both government and private sector, professional societies’ and NGO/civil society groups in the process of societal development.
  • To reduce mortality ratio from this silent killer through basic health education
  • To organize and participate in seminars, conferences, fairs related to the objects of this initiative
  • To give a helping hand as much as possible to individuals and families that may suffer financially or otherwise because of a sudden health crisis
  • To discourage people resorting to self-medications instead of seeking proper medical attention

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