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 How to manage Diabetes and Hypertension 

Experts have revealed that for people to slump and die, two vital organs of the body must be involved which are the heart and brain. People are dying from treatable and manageable medical conditions such as malaria, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension and many more. These avoidable deaths are due to ignorance, deception, and misinformation.

‘Medically some things can cause someone to slump and die’ – Dr. ADERINWALE (Precise Medical Centre)

Medically, there are so many conditions that can cause people slumping and dying. Hypertension can cause it, cardiac failure can cause it, head trauma, homological condition like epilepsy, diabetes, hypoglasphemia, internal or external bleeding can cause it. There are so many other medical conditions that can cause such.

It can be prevented by regular medical checkup. The patient or person must make sure he/she takes the adequate medication as at when due, go for medical checkup generally and manage his or her health condition appropriately.

‘People should create time for medical check-up’ – DR CURTIS OGUAMALAM (Gynecologist)

There are lots of reasons why people slump and die. Let me go straight to the major ones.

Stress – The last time I checked, I realize people no longer give time for themselves. No time to rest, due to the nature of their jobs and other activities. You will see a lot of people waking up as early as 3 am for work, coming back late in the night. This is rampant in the country today. A lot of people don’t know how to manage the crisis. The situation on the road, activities at work, all these contribute to stress.

People know how to endure pains and headache. These are some of the things many people no longer pay attention to. By the time the whole issue piles up, it becomes what we call stress. When one is stressed without proper medical attention, it kills.

Another one is High Blood Pressure and poor diet. Eating foods that will nourish the body should be a habit not just eating anything.

There is what we call secondary and primary causes of death. The primary causes of death are those with possible reason why a person slumped. For instance, diabetes. If someone is diabetic, without proper care, there is possibility that the person would slump, thus, we can call this primary death.

The secondary one is cardiac arrest. A person might slump and if taken care of would survive but once a person slumps and the heart is gripped (cardiac arrest), it’s the end. A layman would say he slumped and died but cardiac arrest is totally different. It has no disease attached. Once it happens, it has no remedy.

I remember I was with one of my patients some time ago when she received a shocking news. Immediately, she started panting heavily. If I wasn’t there to rescue her, I wonder what that could have led to. There are lots of cases like that when we hear the death of someone without knowing the actual cause, a lot of people term it slumps and dies whereas some are cardiac arrest.

People should create time for medical check-up. Go to hospital, examine your body, let medical experts run a test on your body every time.

Stress is something that kills fast. We are all thinking of money and how to settle bills. In the process, the body is stressed. Also what we eat helps in fighting sickness. This is why I always tell people to inspect what they eat. No matter how little the food is, we should eat balanced diet. All these help the body against crisis.

‘Medical check-up is the way out’ – DR FUNSHO SHITTU (Expert)

The main reason why people slump and die is lack of medical check-up. Nigerians no longer create time for their health. Today, you will see people with all sorts of diseases that need medical attention, instead, they end up treating themselves locally with agbo (local herbs) and other concoctions forgetting the fact that medical check-up is the best way one can stay fit.

Hypertension. This is also one of the reasons why people slump. Hypertension is a fast killer. Your reaction towards every situation that comes your way stimulates hypertension. Though the country is in a harsh economic situation, a lot of people are upset, it damages their body system. This is why we hear cases of people slumping and dying. People need medical attention when depressed. Medical check-up is the way out and be crisis free.



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