The prevalence of hypertension in Nigeria is between 30 and 40 per cent (%) in the adult population above the age of 15 years said Dr Kingsley Kola Akinroye (The Guardian, 6th April,2016).

Close to 40% Nigerians Adults are hypertensive; what can we do to reduce the incidence of heart diseases in this part of the world?

Promotion of healthy diets.

 Less consumption of diets with high cholesterol

 Less salt(sodium) in diets

 Reduce tobacco consumption

 Less sedentary activity/increase physical activity

 Reduce alcohol consumption

 Reduction of the mean blood pressure in the population and those with elevated blood pressure to use blood pressure tablets regularly (be on medications and follow it up).

 Government should encourage the local manufacturing of hypertensive drugs.

 Provide support for treatment centre

 Support initiative on cardiovascular rehabilitation centre

 Govt should establish cardiovascular rehabilitation centres round the geo-political zones

 Cut back on consumption of sugar loaded drinks- It can make one become overweight or obese with time. It can also cause spike in ones’ blood sugar level

Join our organization awareness initiative on this “silent killer”. Let’s end this unnecessary crisis.

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