Restore Health to 5000 Nigerians with Hypertension


This project will raise awareness about prevention and provide training to community volunteers to act as health champions who will screen, treat, and share vital information on hypertension and diabetes through peers group, meetings, and through other health campaigns. We will provide medical screening, medications, nutritional supplements, and advice that will aid 5,000 people in Ibadan communities to cope with existing conditions and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Nigeria has one of the highest rates of hypertension in the world, with studies showing rates between 30% and 45%. Hypertension accounts for about 25% of emergencies in Nigerian hospitals. Researchers recommend increased awareness and interventions for prevention and early detection of hypertension. This is particularly urgent in Oyo State. Even with early diagnosis, high cost of medication is forcing patients to seek an alternative to drugs or go without treatment.


Rays of Hope Support Initiative will Continue raising awareness and educating about Hypertension and Diabetes in underserved communities, expanding our reach to 5,000 people in at least five different communities Provide training to 10 volunteers, or “Health Champions” Provide medical screening, medications, and nutritional supplements to at least 400 of those with the greatest need Providing treatment to those with an existing condition can help reduce the rate of illness and death.

Long-Term Impact

ROHSI aims to reduce the prevalence of hypertension in Nigeria in the long-term. We will create partnerships with government health agencies and community development associations to bring awareness and treatment to more communities. We will get closer to our vision of a low prevalence of hypertension in Nigeria, but we can’t do it without your help!


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Rays Of Hope Support Initiative

LOCATION: Ibadan, Oyo – Nigeria
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Rays Of Hope Support Initiative
Benjamin Olorunfemi
Benjamin Olorunfemi
Ibadan, Oyo Nigeria



Restore Health to 5000 Nigerians with Hypertension

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