I am writing to say thank you and to show my appreciations for all that you have made us to achieved in terms of being able to provide access to healthcare treatment to our targeted community members. A huge thank you!
I am also using this as a call to action to my other friends to be part of what we are doing at Rays of Hope Support Initiative – #ROHSI3

Within my work as a social development worker, whenever I hear of people battling with health-related issues especially hypertension and diabetes that have led to strokes, heart attack, sudden death, or stories such as he/she wasn’t sick, we were still together yesterday give me and my team great pains because death such as this could be prevented with access to information, measures and monitoring of our health numbers, medication, and change in lifestyle.

I do wish we saved many of these lives by influencing their diets and lifestyles in a way that would keep them healthy and strong to be able to be alive for their loved ones! We know how unbearable it is; to lose a loving and dependable member of a household. I do not want this to happening again because many of these deaths could be prevented with our efforts at Rays of Hope Support Initiative.

I am asking you to join my team with your resources, time (as our ambassadors/Volunteers), network, collaborations, recommendation, money, donations. Let us save lives by inculcating healthy lifestyles through awareness and access to equity healthcare treatment among people when we were able to take the good news to their doorsteps.

You can start from here:

For the donations, use any of our secure links:
STANBICIBTC BANK PLC: Rays of Hope Support Initiative
Naira: 0022069426
Dollar: 0027047650
Or through

If you could support this by donating and then sharing it with your network. I would greatly appreciate it. I know that money can be tight, so please know that every donation makes us closer to our goal.
Kindly reach out to me in case you have any questions, and I will be happy to answer them. I thank all for rejoicing with me and joining me in this mission of impacting and saving the majority of our people from avoidable/sudden death.

Let’s do this together! Love, Health and Joy,

Benjamin Olorunfemi

Executive Director

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