Friends and ROHSI Community Members, we forget lukewarm resolutions and tired cliches; this year, we’re saying “No Gree for Anybody” when it comes to our health! It’s time to channel that Nigerian warrior spirit into building a fortress of well-being that leaves anything unhealthy shaking in our boots.

First, we must reclaim our power by prioritising preventative care. We must ditch the negativity. Stop letting whispers of “what ifs” and “can’t-dos” drown out the roar of our potential. Swap the “should haves” for the “will dos.” We must ditch the doctor-only-when-desperate mentality. We must adopt regular checkups, screenings, and even simple self-examinations. They must become our weapons against stealthy threats.

Whether it’s monitoring blood pressure or keeping tabs on that nagging mole, early detection is our battle cry in 2024 and beyond.

Next, we must unleash our inner nutrition, Ninja. We must fuel our bodies with rebellion. No gree for sugary treats, processed junk, or emotional eating. Fill our plate with colourful warriors: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and whole grains. Let them be our health-boosting arsenal. Let them fight for our well-being.

Sugar and processed junk? Those are the invaders lurking at the gates, ready to weaken our defenses. Remember, we are what we eat, so choosing wisely is the key this year!

Stress? We should not let it be our landlord. We must find our stressbusters, our peaceful warriors. Meditation, yoga, laughter with loved ones—let us build a fortress of calm around us. We must prioritise sleep, the ultimate health reset button. We must hit the pillow knowing we’ve claimed our day; we must not succumb to its pressures.

Movement is our shield; we must be ready to sweat our battle cry. Embrace activities that set our soul on fire, not just our feet. Dance, swim, cycle, climb—we must find joy in physical expression. Regular exercise tones our body and bolsters our mind, making you and me an unstoppable force against sluggishness and stress.

We must not also forget that the real enemy sometimes lies within. We must tackle our mental well-being with the same tenacity. Prioritise our sleep, embrace mindfulness, and learn to say “no” when our cup is full. This year, self-care is not a luxury; it’s a superpower. We must recharge our batteries for this and be battle-ready.

This year, the ROHSI Team is saying that health isn’t just a goal; it’s a revolution. It’s saying no to limitations and yes to possibilities. It’s about reclaiming our energy, our strength, and our healthy lives. No more tolerating aches, ignoring checkups, or succumbing to unhealthy habits.” So, let us all spread the word and shout it from the rooftops: “No gree for anybody with our health in 2024!”

Health is our birthright, not a privilege. We are claiming it, owning it, and making this year our healthiest yet. ‘No gree for anything less’!

Courtesy: Rays of Hope Support Initiative (ROHSI) Board and Management Team.

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